Nurseries at risk as staffing crisis hits, campaigners say

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Nurseries in England are struggling to recruit qualified staff putting them at risk of closure, campaigners have said. Since 2014, the government has said key nursery workers must have at least a grade C in GCSE English and maths. But campaign group Save our Early Years said there was now evidence that this requirement was […]

Extra free childcare ‘threatens nursery schools’

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Hundreds of nursery schools in England could close if the government presses ahead with plans to offer 30 hours a week of free childcare, a union warns. Pre-schools will not cope financially after a planned two-year package of taxpayer support ends, says the National Association of Head Teachers. In 2017, free care for three-and four-year-olds […]

Oxford head rejects sponsoring schools

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The head of Oxford University has rejected calls from the government to sponsor schools. Louise Richardson says Oxford was “very good” as a university, but had “no experience” of running schools. The call for universities to help set up schools was part of the proposals to expand grammar schools. But Prof Richardson said to become […]

Greening pledges grammar ‘meritocracy’

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A new generation of grammar schools in England will widen access to good school places, the education secretary told MPs. Justine Greening said expanding grammar schools would help families who could not afford to buy houses in the catchment areas of good schools. Ms Greening said the proposals would create a “truly meritocratic” system. But […]

All schools to get right to opt to select pupils

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All schools in England are to be given the right to apply to select pupils by ability, under plans also allowing grammar schools to expand. The prime minister’s plans suggest schools becoming selective and new and expanding grammars will take quotas of poor pupils or help run other schools. Theresa May says the ban on […]

Theresa May ‘not turning clock back on grammar schools’

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Theresa May has told Conservative MPs she will not “turn the clock back” on grammar schools in England, but did not rule out some expansion. The prime minister was addressing the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers on Wednesday evening. It comes after a document outlining proposals to open new grammar schools was caught by a […]

Jobs market shrinks for new graduates, survey suggests

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The number of jobs for new graduates has shrunk by 8% in a year, suggests a survey of more than 200 top employers. This is a sharp reversal after four years of growth in graduate jobs, says the Association of Graduate Recruiters. Some firms are “repackaging” graduate roles as higher apprenticeships but overall the labour […]

Councils ‘should monitor academy cash’

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Academy budgets should be overseen by local authorities following a series of financial abuses, say council leaders.  Cash earmarked for education in England is too often “disappearing into the back pockets of those in charge”, says the Local Government Association. Current scrutiny is ineffective, leaving the media and whistleblowers to uncover fraud, argues the LGA. […]

‘London is most educated city in Europe’

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Where in Europe would you expect to find the highest concentration of graduates? Would it be a particularly earnest quarter of Oslo? Or an erudite corner of Finland or Germany? The answer – by a considerable distance – is London. In parts of London, more than two in three adults of working age, have a […]

Justine Greening ‘open minded’ about new grammar schools in England

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New Education Secretary Justine Greening has said she is prepared to be “open minded” about allowing new grammar schools in England. Senior Conservative Graham Brady has called for an end to the “silly” ban. Ms Greening told the BBC the issue was “an important debate”, but she would not “make some big sweeping policy pronouncement” […]

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